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Our company is established as BSL Agriculture Sdn Bhd started on agricultural basis.
公司以BSL Agrilculture Sdn Bhd 的名義正式成立。最初從事農業種植供應新加坡市場爲主。


We get involved in livestock industry, beginning with feeding 10 cows until today of nearly 400 cows, providing the market with quality beef.
After years of operation, we realized the shortage of fresh milk supply in local market,  most of the dairy products are imported from Australia and repacking in locals (powdered whole milk or liquid milk reconstituted and packaged).
With much consideration, we decided to invest into dairy industries, provide the consumers with quality dairy milk. We put much effort in analysing the cow's milk and goat's milk and finally decided to venture into goat's milk industry.


BSL Agriculture Sdn Bhd changed to BSL Ecofarm Sdn Bhd. We start building goats barn, purchasing goats and equipped our farm.
‘BSL Agriculture Sdn Bhd’ 改名爲‘BSL Ecofarm Sdn Bhd’。 在2016年農曆新年過後,就開始建造羊舍,購入羊只及加工設備。


On May 2017, we started providing consumers with fresh goat's milk.Our goat's milk is pasteurized with low temperature, thus the freshness and nutrients of the milk is remained.
Welcome to visit our goat farm and learn about the goat's milk processing.
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